When Is The Best Time To Workout For Weight Loss?

Do you want to reduce your body weight? Ask yourself do you eat healthy food, do you exercise properly? We have a number of recipes for a healthy life. Nobody can deny that on your body need to see what do you eat. But the end result is influenced by many other factors.

In this post you will be familiar with our way of maintaining a slender line. There must be discipline in eating, always. You have to introduce order in what time are your meals. For maximum effect, you must to include the factor “time of meals and exercise” in your strategy for losing weight and maintaining an ideal body weight.

Never miss the breakfast. Breakfast let you one hour after you wake up. Scientists say that if eat breakfast; eat less food in the rest of the day.

Also, it is much better to exercise in the morning. This will wake you up and you will have more energy for proper execution of exercises.

As the day continues, despite commitments you will only find reason why not to exercise.

Scientifically is proven that morning exercises should be cardio (running, cycling). Meals need to be every 3-4 hours, did not postpone the meals. This way you control your appetite, which will prevent fluctuations in blood sugar and avoid overeating.

Always eat heavy meals, practice to have 3 main meals.

Snacks should be at 3 pm, why? In this time the body reduces energy and all are asking for something that will wake them up and keep concentrated. Best meal in that period is a protein food, and a small number of almonds.

Alcohol comes last throughout the day. If you want to drink a glass of alcohol, do it at the end of the day. Alcohol affects hormones related to digestion and controlling appetite.

The last meal is always let 3 hours before bedtime. The body will have enough time to process the food.

When it is best to step on the scales?

It is best to measure your body weight in the morning before breakfast, but after you’ve visited the toilet.

Scales for weighing

How often will you measure, is up to you. But research shows that frequent measurement is a good way of controlling weight, because you can chage your lifestyle and diet as soon as you notice that your weight increases. You should be aware that weight in women vary depending on the menstrual cycle.

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