We Calculated: Here’s How Much Weight You Really Need to Have For Your Height

If your grandmother always told you that it is quite OK to a height of 160 centimeters at 65 kilograms, have bad news – doctors disagree. The float is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can also seriously endangering the health of you.

But the same applies to malnutrition and lack of pounds. Therefore see how much weight it is really necessary to have in relation to your height.

There are several ways to determine ideal body weight, of which BMI (body mass index) is probably the most popular. However, experts warn that no one aspect is not universal, and just not all – because each room is built differently.

No, we must not disappoint you, this does not mean that you like Dudley from Harry Potter to 20 extra pounds justify ‘heavy bones “, but also no one can deny that the height is not the only thing that determines the weight is ideal for you.

In fact, you’re probably familiar with the fact that there are girls who are naturally finer characteristics (narrow hips, small shoulders, smaller breasts) and those that are simply built differently (for example, girls who are trained from childhood swimming usually have wider shoulders) .





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