Consume These Foods To Heal Broken Bones

Yogurt, cheese, green leafy vegetables, collard, turnip greens, mackerel, salmon and tuna contain high amounts of Vitamin D and help  calcium  to be absorbed and also recover fractures.

Choose sweet, bitter and astringent ingredients to include in to your daily menu, they have a soothing effect. What you should avoid are alcohol, caffeine and salty, sour or pungent foods.

A broken bone or even a hairline fracture can cause a  throbbing pain that you have never experienced before . What you have to do in such cases is to  rest and take some medication to recover.  The stages of recovering of the broken bone can be  really tiresome until complete healing. Medicine has been advanced and  have made the process easier but, there are also various foods which help for a quick  recovery of broken bones.

Understanding The Bone Structure

Bones primarily constitute of calcium, collagen and phosphorous deposits which appear as deposits.

These minerals provide the bones with strength and the collagen gives them elasticity. Too high or too low amounts of vitamin D in the body can provoke rickets which leads to breakable bones.

Healthy development of bones depends on protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium and zinc are the main constituents for healthy bone development. So , eating food that contains a lot of these ingredients will surely make the healing of broken bones faster.


The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends improving of  your calcium consumption firstly to build healthy and strong bones. Types of food which contain a lot of of calcium are  yogurt, cheese and green vegetables.In  foods such as soy-milk, breads and cereals there is an additional calcium.

When you take drinks rich in calcium,it is important to know that you need to shake the bottle well because  calcium tends is always at the bottom of the container. If you suffer from  low calcium you can use calcium supplements.

A research has found that  children who don’t want cow’s milk are predisposed to bone fractures before puberty.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is among the basic vitamins needed for strong bones because  it helps calcium to be absorbed

Sunlight is the most significant supplier of Vitamin D. Moreover you can find it in mackerel, salmon and tuna. Namely, eight-ounce serving of milk has 25% of the daily dose of vitamin D. Calcium supplements  also contain vitamin D.

Vitamin K

Two  big , prospective cohort studies agree that  vitamin K intake and the  eventuall risk of hip fracture are conected– People whi have highest intake of Vitamin K  avoid the possibility of hip fractures. One good source of vitamin K are the  leafy vegetables.

Recommended Foods For Helping Recover Bone Fractures

Researchers recommend  some foods that are helpful for recovery of bone fractures They are  greens like cabbage, kale, broccoli, okra and turnip greens. Spinach, brussel sprouts, papaya, potatoes, raisins, plantains and prunes are also good for bone-fracture sufferers.

Foods That Can Weaken Bones


Chronic drinking causes acute diseases such as  such as pancreatitis, liver disease, heart problems, cancer and osteoporosis. Alcohol is bad for the calcium levels in the body because it increases the parathyroid hormone which is responsible for  lowering of  calcium reserves.

Sodium Chloride (Salt)

Salt  is good for a normal and healthy organism. However too much of this ingredient can cause week bones.


Consuming  above three cups daily of this drink can cause low absorption of calcium in the body and may be responsible for lower density of  bones.

Unbalanced pH Levels

Maintaining regular levels of acid-base is crucial  for bone health. If the extracellular pH reduces,  bone resorption is stimulated  due to the fact that  bone calcium restores the pH drop to normal levels.  So, A diet which is  acid-forming  improves urinary calcium excretion.

A which is abundant  in fruit and vegetables and is used by vegans  has a positive results on the calcium economy and metabolism of bones   men and women. Vegetables and fruit are rich in  potassium and magnesium and they provide an alkaline ash, which restricts bone resorption.

This ia very similar to the Ayurvedic view of high amount of Pitta in the body which causes  weakening of structural strength. In One of the seminal Ayurvedic texts,a pitta-pacifying diet is recommended.

  • Eat sweet, bitter  foods which are cooling down  the system – they nourish, vitalize. Saturate and stabilize the system. Also their nature is bulk-bromoting, healing, and absorbing.
  • Put aside pungent, sour and salty foods – They are harmful for your bones and make them less strong and less dense.

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