How to Keep The Pleasant Smell of Perfume Longer?

Put the perfume on the pulse points.

Coco Chanel advised on how to apply the perfume wherever you wanted to be kissed. Although that sounds interesting, you should not forget that the perfume is unpleasant by taste, and if you really expect to get kissed, apply it on carefully chosen spots.


We recommend- Apply the perfume on the pulse spots.

Best place for applying perfume feet, is behind the knees, in the inside. At these places, blood vessels are closer to the skin. They radiate heat, which contributes the smell of perfume be easier to move from your skin into the air.

If you want the smell to last longer on your body, apply the perfume on the neckline.

So the smell slowly traverses the clothes throughout the day, and your presence will deceive sighs.

 Many people have the habit of rubbing their wrists after applying perfume.

 The friction generates heat of which the perfume will evaporate much faster. If you want someone to remain bewitched by your perfume, put a little perfume on the baby hairs on the back of the neck. The perfume will be “stuck” on the hair and will last longer and will be gradually released into the air as you move.

The perfume is harmfull for the hair as it dries it.

However many women choose to ignore that fact. If you still want to apply perfume on your hair it’s best if you do it indirectly. Spray the perfume on your hairbrush, wait 2-3 minutes for the perfume to dry and then comb your hair.

Never apply perfume on dirty hair.

The smell of perfume mixed with the smell of natural oils released by the scalp and can be very unpleasant to the nose.

Always apply perfume before getting dressed and put jewelry.

Never put the perfume on the end of your preparing. Some perfumes can leave spots after a certain period. If you sprayed perfume on the jewelry, it can destroy the color of the jewelry or to leave stains on your clothes.

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