What To Look Out For, When it Comes To Your Eyes?

There is an old adage that says that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Although today we do not know the origin of the saying. The fact is that the eyes can really much to say about our health.

So the next time you stand in line mirror, pay attention to these signs that you give your eyes:


Barley on the eye

If you ever have had such a problem, you know for what pain and irritation we speak. This problem occurs because of a blocking tallow gland and should disappear in a few days. If it lasts longer or you often occur, it’s time to talk to your doctor.

Declining the eyebrows

It can be due to aging, stress and lack of certain nutritional substances. However one of the most common causes is improper operation of the thyroid gland.

Blurred vision

Excessive time spent in front of computer, long looking at the display of the phone is the one that causes the phenomenon known in medicine as “dry eye syndrome” and its manifestation in the form of blurred vision and a strong burning sensation of the eyes.

Blind spots

If you notice such a “blind spot” in space, is likely that you suffer from migraines, especially if the image is complemented with shiny spots or wavy lines. If this occurs frequently, contact the doctor.

Yellowing of the whites

This can occur in infants who have not yet properly developed liver function, but also in adults. Also it can be a sign of a problem with the gallbladder or its ducts.

Blurred vision due to diabetes

One of the most common problems that accompany diabetes retinopathy – a condition that causes damage to blood vessels in the eye tissue, and as a result it appears blurred vision.

Double vision of objects, blurred vision or its absence

Any change in the type, requires immediate medical attention. And if you come to a sudden perception of shadows, blurring or loss of vision seek medical attention immediately as this may be the first signs of stroke.


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