Your Sweat is Feeling Very Strong? Here’s How To Fix The Problem  


Nobody likes to feel the unpleasant smell of sweat, not to others, and especially not on it. We all want to smell clean and feel fresh. I’m so annoyed when I’m sweaty.

Every sweat is not smelly. He gives special scent glands that secrete, for example, under the armpit, in the vaginal region.

So it happens to us to be sweaty. Very unpleasant feeling, despite the fact that we care about hygiene. Regularly take a shower, use scented cosmetics, but the problem is still there.

This can cause great inconvenience, especially in contact with others. Therefore, it often happens that the contact with people, especially in a crowd, reduced to a minimum so someone would notice our oppression.

These changes are a little more prevalent during the hot summer days, but they usually cause some infections or endocrine diseases. If it is an infection, it may be fungal or bacterial, as the clinician to determine.

Then it applies the appropriate therapy, but everything is generally easy and quickly resolved.

In the case of endocrine changes, it is necessary a more serious approach. It is necessary to thoroughly check the hormone, because in this case the disruption in their operations cause odor.

It is therefore important, as you notice that you sweat more strongly felt, although care of personal hygiene to contact your doctor to determine on what the cause of this embarrassing problem and how best to solve.


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