If You Do This, Your TEETH Can Fall! And While You Sleep

Respiratory problems know how to interfere in various ways, but during the night while we sleep, can also cause tooth decay.

People who sleep with his mouth open, respectively, breathe in the mouth while sleeping. This seriously damaging the health of their teeth, because it changes the acidity in the mouth due to the lack of saliva.

Anyone who breathes with open mouth during the night, has completely dried oral cavity and has been left without saliva, especially at the rear, closer to his throat.

Saliva, believe it or not, represents a protective layer of our teeth, in that it maintains the pH value in the neutral level.

Normal pH in our mouths was 7.7, which is quite neutral. However, if you dry the mouth, and it happens at night when you breathe on them, results with changing the pH value to 6.6, and the acid environment in which teeth decay rapidly.

After the dentists have noticed that people who have breathing disorders have a higher percentage of caries than those who breathe normally, the researchers decided to see what was the matter.

They confirmed observations dentist and found that the problem is drying out the mouth.

What is particularly interesting is that almost a third of men sleeping with his mouth open, compared to only five percent of women with the same problem.

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